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My brother had a significant stroke in August. We were not sure he would eat on his own again let alone walk. The excellent therapists, patient and kind nurses and good doctors at Keystone got him walking. He ate at our Christmas dinner when many thought he wouldn’t swallow again. He can now walk with only a slight limp after the doctor thought he may not walk again. Thank you Keystone Pointe!


My grandma lives at Keystone Pointe and she loves it there. She was supposed to only be there for therapy but because of her health she got to stay there. She is taken care of and we know we don't have to worry about her there. She is very active in the things they do there. Love it! 


This was my third time coming to Keystone Pointe after being hospitalized. The staff are always so sweet and kind to me when I am there, they help me feel comfortable even though I am getting over illnesses that brought me to the hospital. The therapists helped to get my walking a lot better. When I went to the hospital in February, even though Keystone Pointe is 40 minutes from my house, I told them I want to go there because of the good service I have gotten in the past. I am happy to go home, but I will miss some of the staff.


My mother has been at Keystone for several years. I have been very pleased with the care she receives. She is getting towards the end of life and is now on hospice. I am so touched that the staff who have worked with her show how sad they are that they may lose her too. When some of the nurses and aides expressed that to me, I felt so thankful that the Keystone family accepted mom as if she were a close friend. By the way, I was a nurse for the last 15 years I worked so I know how hospitals and nursing homes should and can work. I am glad we have had mom at Keystone


Thank you for the great care my wife received at Keystone. Nurses have been wonderful, staff friendly, and therapy did wonders. We will refer to friends!


My sister Laura was at Keystone Pointe in March of 2019. She was very well cared for by the staff at keystone pointe. Not only did they show care and compassion to my sister but also to my entire family. The nursing staff was kind and caring. Dietary staff made sure we had snacks and refreshments. New Life hospice staff was attentive and answered all our questions. What a good team they have at Keystone Pointe.


My grandmother is a resident there and she loves it there. We know she is in good hands. She loves the activities and things there. Thanks for taking good care of my grandmother!


The nursing staff was pleasant, very helpful, and courteous. The food was very good with a good alternative menu. The building is clean and the house keeping staff was friendly and hard working. The Activity Department offered a wide variety of activities for my free time. The Therapy Department was very geared toward my abilities and gave me the push I needed to restore my confidence in post-surgery ability to carry on at home.
I wish to thank you and your entire staff.


Thank you for the great care you gave Terry! The therapy, support, and friendship Terry got at Keystone helped him so much. Terry was really sick when he came in and we credit you for helping to get him walking again and able to go and live in an apartment!

Terry's Family

I don't know where to begin to thank all of you for the love and support you have given to us and Laura during a very difficult time. I am proud to be a part of an amazing group of people. Our nursing staff, dietary staff, and housekeeping took very good care of us while at Keystone. The flowers sent for Laura were absolutely beautiful. Thank you again for being there for us.

Jeff, Linda, Amy, and Our Families

My mom was there from May 2018 till she passed January 2019. She was in the Memory Unit with Dementia. She also had great care. You have to have a lot of patience to deal with a lot of those people and they did a wonderful job, I know mom got testy but she didn’t like being told what to do. That disease took her life from us. Thank you so much Keystone Pointe Staff.


I came to Keystone Pointe this fall after fracturing my hip. I was in bad shape and very weak. I am so thankful I came to Keystone Pointe. The therapy and nursing staff helped me tremendously. Therapy, in particular, helped me get back to moving and getting around by myself. Without the therapy staff helping to encourage me, I would not have made as much of a recovery as I did. I am now stronger than I was prior to my fall and able to live on my own again. The nursing staff was very caring and compassionate. The entire staff at Keystone Pointe became my family during my stay. I pray for each and every one of them every night. I love them all to death. Thank you Keystone Pointe for all you did for me

Leonard M.

My 92-year-old Grandma came to Keystone Pointe in September of 2019 after falling at home and needing therapy to get stronger. The therapy department was wonderful in getting her back to her full potential, but unfortunately, she wasn’t mentally safe to go back home. Keystone Pointe became her home and during this difficult transition, the staff were extremely welcoming, compassionate, and very attentive to both her physical and, more importantly, her emotional needs. My family was also going through a lot with other sick family members at the same time and so to know that my Grandma was being well taken care of was extremely comforting and relieved a lot of stress. Fast forward to today and I can say with much gratitude that she continues to get great care. On a daily basis, she tells me how wonderful this place is and how ‘good the staff are to me’. She sleeps well at night because she says ‘they peek in and check on me often and so I know they are watching and making sure I’m OK’. She loves the food and to people-watch during the day. She has made friends both with other Residents and with the staff and feels content, safe, and very grateful to be at Keystone Pointe. She and our family are extremely thankful to all the really amazing staff at Keystone Pointe. Thank you! 

Carrie O.

There are just no words to thank you and the staff of Keystone Pointe for the care, comfort, and support you have given to our mother, Glennis during her nine-plus years there. We also thank you for the consideration given to her during her
final illness. We appreciate all of you so much.
We pray God’s blessings on you all for the incredible work you do.

Gary and Sue and the family of Glennis

The staff at Keystone have been great. The food is good, the therapists and caregivers were great! I have to give a special thank you to Bernadine! She made my stay here so nice.

Jean F.

The staff here has been excellent! Everyone was very accommodating!


The Nurses and Staff were so good to me! I just can't wait to get home today to my Wife and my Dog Fluff

Charles T.

You have some terrific staff here. Bernadine, Dillon, Keith, Dave and Malica are just a few. The Chicken Parprikash is wonderful! Thank you for everything!


My stay at Keystone was good! The therapy and food were good. The Nurses and Aides were wonderful!


I can't say enough about how wonderful everyone is. They made me feel like I was family. The first night here, I slept so well! In the hospital I thought there was no hope for me. When I got to Keystone, I immediately felt a relief and I was full of hope!


All of the Nurses and Aides were great! Stephanie was so good to me, getting to see and pet some puppies really made my day!


This place is amazing. I do not have one complaint! All of the staff are wonderful. The food was great. I loved all of it! I am just happy Keystone got me to a point I could go home today.


I had many choices when it came time to pick a facility for rehab. Keystone Pointe had 5 stars so I knew I wanted to give it a try! My stay was at the least 5 stars! Tanya and Jen gave such great care! Instead of assuming they knew what I needed, they always asked and that made such a difference. Thank you Keystone Pointe!

Jon J.

Our Mom was only at Keystone for about four months. During that time she was in quarantine all but 3 or 4 days. Unfortunately she contracted Covid during this time. Keystone brought her through it and she was able to celebrate her 100th Birthday.

Even though the family was not permitted to visit with her the staff went above and beyond to help her have a special day. They made sure she was ready to receive her family singing to her and also made special decorations for her room. Sadly it wasn’t long after that she just got too tired to fight any longer.

We can’t thank the staff enough for their compassion during the last days of her life. As we spent time with Mom we saw how much she liked everyone who came to help her. This brought the family a great deal of comfort.


My stay here was 3 weeks this time and last time 3 months. Both times the care was great! There are so many that deserve stars! Michelle, Tanya, Denise, Dillon (so calming), Bob, Emily, Megan, Alex, Jen, Crystal and Kat, just to mention a few :) Thank you all for your hard work and care.

Wanda K.

I have been through so much while here at Keystone Pointe. I don't remember so much due to being sick, but I know they saved my life! The food was good, therapy and the care were great. Nurse Yvonne was so sweet to go the extra mile when making sure I had what I needed. She even offered to get things for me at store on her own time! Thank you for everything Keystone Pointe :)

Linda H.

Everyone was so nice and they took really good care of my medical needs! Glad to go home but this was not bad at all. Thank you Keystone Pointe!

Kevin H.

The care and therapy here was amazing. Dave got me to stand when no one else could. Todd was also wonderful. I will miss the caregivers too. They were all the best!


I am a stubborn person to deal with! But everyone was so nice and didn't take it personal if I was not feeling well. I am happy that Keystone got me ready to go home. It was nice to see my buddy Calvin too!


I have never been to a place this nice. I had no idea this place even existed! Everyone has been so nice and treated me like family. I am so happy to graduate and go home, I couldn't eat my breakfast. The aide went out of her way and brought me toast and hot tea on her own instead of the eggs and bacon. That is something your family would do! Thank you all for being so wonderful!

Audrey G.

I have been here through all the seasons of this Covid nightmare. The staff has endured so much and handled it very well. It is bittersweet that I am going home. I love so many people here! So many times, I thought I wouldn't make it, and here I am better than ever. I am thankful to everyone at Keystone Pointe.


I have only good things to say about Keystone Pointe. This was not my first time here. When I arrived, it was such a nice feeling when the staff remembered me. It made me feel like I was home.

Cora T.

I have had a great experience. The staff was wonderful! Megan and Tiffany definitely stood out. They treated me like I was family. They knew just how to help me while I was not at my best. I am so thankful to all of the staff here!

Marie M.

I have been a resident here for almost 80 days recuperating from a leg amputation plus an emergency gall bladder removal surgery and feel compelled to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to several members of your staff for the quality of my care while here.

First, to PT David, without his drive, passion and commitment to helping me, walking on my prosthetic leg would still be just a thought not a reality. I will be forever grateful to David for his efforts and ask that you share my high opinion of him with all who would listen.

Wound care nurse Brittany was my lifeline to healing for both my amputated leg and my gall bladder surgery. She too is deserving of highest regards.

CNP Carrie O.'s decisive action when my gall bladder infected resulted in getting me to the hospital timely so as to prevent additional pain and suffering. Thank her for being her.

RN's Angela and Evelyn were my guardian angels who kept me safe and out of harm's way daily. Kudo's to them as well.

STNA's Megan (my #1 hero), Mary, Sam and Alyssa are all exemplary caregivers who deserve the highest praise for the care they provided. I could not have thrived without them.

OT Jessica, Heather in Admin, and countless others also made my time here the best.

Please pass along my sincere gratitude and appreciation to these fine people. You should be proud to have them on your staff.

My life is better because of them for which I will be eternally grateful!

William B.

I was at another facility recently that got rave reviews. My experience at Keystone surpassed them by far! Everyone was so great. If I ever need inpatient therapy again, I will return to Keystone for sure.

Diana W.

This place is very accommodating. It’s not my home but they are so nice and do their best to make you feel at home! If I don’t like what is being served at mealtime, they tell me no problem and get me something I like. The therapy is also great. I just always wanted more of it! It’s a very nice home away from home.

Clayton M.

I am a miracle! Thanks to Keystone Pointe’s help, I am ready to go home! The doctor at the hospital told my wife I probably wouldn’t survive. I pushed myself and made it through! Once I came here, I knew I would be going home. The care and rehab were wonderful! I will miss everyone.

Robert K.

We just want to say thank you to all the staff who cared for Jimmy during his short stay in the memory care center. To all the Nurses and Assistants, especially Melanie LPN, whose care went beyond what most would do. I believe Jimmy was cared for well. Administration and Activities were great. Again, we appreciate all the care he received while he was there. May God Bless You.

Shirley M.

Everyone was so nice. I met so many wonderful people. The therapy was great, especially Dave! My STNA, Michelle, made sure I always had everything I needed before she left the room. She was amazing. Thank you to everyone!

Waneta D.

I am excited to get home but the food was pretty good! I didn't like therapy too much at first because I wanted to rest. Now I love it. The staff was nice too!

Clarence B.

I have met so many great people here. They encouraged me to do what I needed to do to return home. My stay at Keystone was very good! Thank you to all the staff.

Farrell C.

Everyone and everything was great! The staff encouraged me to do what I needed to do to get home safely.

Ted W.

My stay at Keystone has been great. The staff are all wonderful! Someone always checking on me. I felt safe and taken care of.

Sue A.

Keystone Pointe is a very professional establishment. The staff were caring and gave me what I needed to meet my goals to return home. I have no complaints!

Dennis W.

This is my third time here. Each time, the care and therapy are great! There are so many great people working here.

Gerald S.

My short term stay was wonderful! I can’t thank Keystone enough. Thank you to Jen, Josh, Kim, Nancy, Sue, Cat and many more!

Tamara H.

I have nothing but great things to say about Keystone Pointe. The STNA Sam P. took such good care of me. I will be back after a procedure coming up.

Shirley H.

Everyone has been wonderful to me at Keystone! I am excited to go home but I will miss everyone. If in need of inpatient therapy again, I will be back!

Dorothy M.

Everyone was so amazing at Keystone! I am so grateful for all the good care.

Linda D.

This is my second time here for short-term rehabilitation. The staff is great! Thank you, Keystone!

Don H.

I have been to Keystone Pointe multiple times and each time I get great care. Darlene and Michelle truly took good care of me.

Richard M.

I have nothing but nice things to say about my stay at Keystone Pointe. The therapy was EXCELLENT! If it weren't for everyone here, I would not be walking. I am so thankful for all the staff.

Robert A.

My care here was great! The food was so good too. A big thank you to therapy for all of their help.

Beverly L.

This is my second time here for rehab. This place is so cozy and perfect for being a rehab. The nurses, aides, therapy, and dietary were all amazing! The Therapist, Dave, went above and beyond and Amanda, in Activities, was a breath of fresh air! I made so many new friends. It's a great place.

Debra G.

The staff here made my stay good! I will be telling my friends too since people my age need extra support. They all had their part in getting me back on my feet.

Kathleen H.

My stay here was very nice. When I needed something, they were there for me. You can tell that the staff really do care. They did not make me feel like I was putting them out. It's a very nice place.

Judith H.

Everyone was just great! I am happy to go home to see my kitties but this place does a wonderful job. Thank you to everyone for the great care and therapy.

Linda K.

I don't know where to start. This place is beautiful. The food is amazing. The staff and the care they gave was excellent. I have been to other facilities and Keystone is top-notch!

Roger C.

My stay here was good. I can't remember all the names of everyone, but they took good care of me. Ashley and Lindsay in therapy were so good! The food was hot when served. I made some good friends while getting better. Thank you to everyone!

Linda L.

The care and therapy were excellent. Keystone always takes care of me. The food was so good that I am taking the menu home and my family is going to set me up with some of the same foods. A nurse taught me that I can dip my grilled cheese in my tomato soup, and boy I have been missing out all these years!

Doris Z.

Everyone was very great here. I met some amazing people. The sad part is our mind thinks we’re 40 or 50, then our bodies start to break down. Do as Clint Eastwood says, “Don’t let the old man in!” 

Robert V.

I have been to two other rehabs this last fall, and this place is the best! I can’t say enough nice things about this place. They do such an amazing job.

Richard S.

Everyone here has been so nice and caring. They have done a great job of preparing me to go home.

John P.

Everyone was so friendly. A couple of people even remembered me from the last time I was here. The team helped me to get strong enough to go home and I am so grateful!

Carol C.

This place is wonderful! Everyone took such great care of me. Nurse Lora and STNA Darlene were amazing at anticipating my needs.

Deanna S.

I am so excited to go home but so appreciative of the amazing staff here. I was so scared to come here. I had no idea what to expect. I needed so much care, being that I could not use half my body at that time. The first day here, Miguel was my nurse and he put me at ease. He was so caring and calming and exactly what I needed. As I progressed, the staff was so encouraging. Nurse Connie was awesome STNA, Aaron, made me feel so safe while giving care. I knew he wouldn't let me fall. Debbie, STNA, and Kenny, STNA, would come check on me when I was not on their assignment! The therapy was outstanding. Dave, Jesse, Ashley and the other countless therapists. Lindsay in therapy put in 150% with me. She was determined to get me home. The Dietary staff was great too! I can't say enough about how amazing this place is. Everyone was so nice.

Nicole K.

I was so happy to get out of the hospital and back to Keystone. The therapy is amazing. I am so grateful for the care.

James M.

I can’t say that any person stood out with great care. They were all terrific! Thank you for getting me back home.

Tamara H.

This is my second time coming here for rehab. The last time I tried to come, you had no openings and I went to another place. The other place was no comparison. I was so happy I could come to keystone this time around. I love it here.

Linda C.

I can’t say enough about how kind and caring everyone is here. It is especially sweet that people are coming to say goodbye since I go home tomorrow. I feel like I am saying goodbye to new friends.

Linda M.

I am so thankful for everyone here. I get to go home today but it is bittersweet! Thank you so much for everything.

Melvin R.

All the dietary aides that came to talk to Roger about what was for dinner were all so pleasant and nice! Holly in housekeeping went above and beyond regular duties. She was helpful and reliable. Helen STNA 3-11, was so dependable and helpful. She is a very good aide and so good to Roger. Miguel LPN, was so helpful, friendly and enjoyable. He created a fun and happy atmosphere. He was so good to Roger and went above normal nursing duties. Stacy STNA was efficient and dependable. Connie, LPN, was pleasant and helpful. She never made me feel like I was interrupting her while asking questions. She is a hard worker and good to everyone. She is a special person. There were many more people that were pleasant and helpful too!


I cannot say enough kind words for the staff that work here. I was in so much pain and was very non cooperative when I arrived. The staff did not take it personally and were very professional. They helped me get through this. I get to go home now! I could not believe the longevity of the staff. They do so much for staff and residents! I can't say thanks enough to Lindsey, Dave and the other therapists that worked with me. Thank you to all of my nurses and aides. They were so very patient. The dietary staff figured out all of my likes and dislikes. Tyler with dietary always brightened my day. I actually would not mind even living here if it weren't for my pup!


I have never had therapy that was this good! The therapist got me moving, even when I thought I couldn’t go a little further. Ashley and Lindsey made such a difference and worked so well together.

Marsha D.