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Loving the Difference We Make

January 5, 2023
Working in long-term care takes a certain type of person. Not all of us are built for it, and it’s certainly not easy, but caregivers will tell you that it’s the most rewarding career. Our skilled nursing facilities throughout Ohio are filled with these healthcare heroes that work tirelessly to serve our residents with the best care possible. They make a significant impact on the residents and their families' lives, constantly making a difference in everything they do.

Along with the incredible nursing team, Keystone Pointe is blessed to have six STNAs who each have over 25 years experience working in this field. They care for our residents with knowledge and skills with nearly 200 combined years of STNA experience. One of Keystone’s newest STNAs noted, “I can not say enough about their knowledge! If I have a question about the job and I go to one of these ladies, they have an answer. They help us all out so much.”

Michelle McDermott began working as a Nursing Assistant in the 1980s, prior to certification being required. At the time when Michelle became a Nursing Assistant, money was tight for her, and she could not afford to go to school. Almost instantly, Michelle fell into a deeper passion for her career as she quickly found that she loved caring for people and making a difference in their daily lives. Michelle believes that she has found her true calling. Michelle says, “I could not imagine doing anything different. I love the difference I make.”

Darlene Greenleaf, Cathy Greenleaf and Michelle McDermott

Sisters, Cathy and Darlene Greenleaf, have both been STNAs for over 30 years! Darlene got her certification in 1989, and Cathy in 1990. Both sisters were preparing in 1989 to enter the Air Force, however, after they both got into a bad car accident together, their career plans changed. The sisters noted that they cared for their mother for several years while she battled cancer. From this experience, they knew they wanted to take care of residents like they took care of their mother. This led them to choose a career in healthcare as STNAs.

Denise Truxall became an STNA in 1996. Denise shared, “I gladly do this job because it gives me fulfillment. I know I make a big difference in people’s lives by helping them and talking with them.” One of Denise’s co-workers said, “I am happy when Denise is on the schedule, I know she will help me or others out however we need it.”

“I could not imagine doing anything different - I love the difference I make”

The flexibility of the STNA job is what has attracted Sally Thacker to the career. “You can work nights, days, weekends only, PRN, or pretty much whatever works for you and your family." Sally says her years as a STNA have been very rewarding-she very much loves caring for the elderly.

In the late 1980s Helen Sharp began working as a STNA. Helen has noted she enjoys working with older adults and has been so happy to have been able to work with them for most of her working years. One resident at Keystone said, “Helen will come in my room and talk and talk with me. I always look forward to 3pm as I know Helen will be coming in.” Another resident said, “I love that she is so friendly, and I love she does things exactly how I want them done." Helen noted she feels this is the ideal job for her as she is outgoing.

Thank you to these ladies-the care they give our residents and the priceless knowledge gained by years of caregiving is a tremendous influence on our younger STNAs and nurses!

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